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RCR Tech Solutions Services

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Additional Services:

  • Computer Hardware Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Computer Protection (virus/adware/spyware removal; virus protection)
  • Computer Setup (memory upgrades, data transfers, upgrades)
  • Network Connectivity (computer, shared files, printers and other peripherals)
  • Computer Repair (computer, laptop, notebook)

Wired/Wireless Networks (Business)
RCR Tech can assist you and your business with the design of your network to insure you receive a solutions tailored to your environment and budget. RCR Tech specializes in the development and Implementation of the Small / Midsize Office and Industrial Networking Solutions.


Wireless Networks (Home)
Are you tired of having to go to one room in your home to use the internet? We can set you up for wireless networking, allowing you to access the internet or your computer files from anywhere in your home. Wireless Network solutions consists of complete setup of your home network including printers, faxes, laptops, home gaming consoles and home computers.


Service Agreements
RCR Tech Service Call - Pay as you go, no upfront fees. Offering 24 hour onsite response. One of our qualified Field Tech's will come to your location and resolve your issue.

RCR Tech Managed Services

When you need extra piece of mind, RCR Tech can offer a support agreement to fit your budget and your Technology requirements. After completing a site survey, RCR Tech will develop a maintenance plan tailored to your company's needs.

Adding WIFI in your warehouse environment
Warehouses are very hostile environments in regards to Wi-Fi networks because of the many variables including metal structures, RF obstacles, multiple competing handheld Wi-Fi devices, and sparse amounts of Ethernet cabling. More importantly, warehouses are in a constant state of flux with inventory continually moving around in vast amounts of space. These factors cause RF conditions to vary, often having a detrimental impact on Wi-Fi performance as obstacles and interference cause connection, speed, and overall performance issues.

With your approval, RCR Tech Solutions will provide a unique solution designed and engineered to meet your specific needs as well as prepare you for future growth.

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